Kevin Osmond and Orbit

Kevin Osmond, Spatial Orbit, 2016
Kevin Osmond, Deep Space Anomaly, 2015

The elliptical path protons and neutrons take in their orbit around the nucleus of an atom, which is known to be the smallest unit of matter that still maintains the properties of the chemical element it comprises, is outstandingly similar to the elliptical path our planet Earth and the the 7 other planets of our solar system take in their orbit around the sun. This connection and the multitudes of others like it which exist throughout the fabric of our universe as we know it are great sources of inspiration for Kevin Osmond, a British artist whose aptly named solo show Orbit opened at the Davidson Contemporary Gallery* in Chelsea this past Thursday. Osmond’s work examines both natural and celestial phenomena, exposing the reoccurring parallelism between the many elements which create and sustain the world, and indeed the universe, which we are a part of. Even though Osmond deals with units on the magnitudinous as well as diminutive scale, like atoms and solar systems, his wall-mounted sculptures maintain a soothing, patterned synchronicity. Some of his sculptures are comprised of hundreds of beautifully colored orbs which are mounted on silver spikes. These orbs spiral out from the sculpture’s center, rippling, pulsating, in an organic motion. Other wall-mounted sculptures are engraved with veins of gold, which spread across the a black background of the piece in a geometric arrangement, which brings to mind the imagery of topographical maps or computer chips. Just like in nature, Osmond’s sculptures possess elements of chaos and control in equal parts, and therefore their forms are at once predictable and unpredictable, logical, unique and fundamental. Osmond’s mobiles also address large and small scale phenomena, appearing to be at once models of molecules and reproductions of explosions. They are almost extravagant in their chaotic form, but also impressive in their logical order. These two elements of chaos and control maintain a careful equilibrium throughout Osmond’s body of work, expressing the artist’s understanding of how carefully this balance is also at work in the natural world. In fact, it is Osmond’s insightful perspective on the laws which govern our universe which makes his art so fruitful. His wall-mounted sculptures and mobiles are complex in their construction and immediately solicit attention, but they also are profoundly familiar because their proximity to the natural and celestial laws which govern our universe make sense on the most innate level of our consciousness.

*Kevin Osmond’s solo show, Orbit

Is on view at the Davidson Contemporary Gallery, 521 W 26th St,

From May 26th to June 30th


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